About Us

8 years ago The Korkmaz family, which has been making beautiful designs in the textile industry for more than 40 years, presented ‘ BİZE ‘ to women all over the world. The brand, which first produced extraordinary shirts, attracted attention in a short time with its different design approach. When we said, ‘Let’s make a shalwar under the shirts and a vest over the shalwar’, beautiful and unique collections were created.

The most important feature that makes us unique in our brand journey is the strong in the production. We first dye the fabric, then weaves it, knit the knitwear, draw patterns, design accessories for each model… One thing matters while doing all this ‘Naturalness and quality’… BİZE products remain in your wardrobes as ‘Timeless Designs’ without ever being outdated for years.

Comfortable, stylish and free

The designs, which are at the forefront of comfort, freedom and elegance, are also obtained from natural fiber fabrics. Although many leading brands work mainly in black and white colors in order to be cool, the women of BİZE are very colorful in both summer and winter. Even if we use black and white in our collection, you will definitely find a pistachio green, a sax blue. As such, wherever you see the BİZE woman, you can recognize her, she always reveals herself.
From the Middle East to America, women all over the world enjoy comfort, elegance and happiness by choosing BİZE produts. The demands of more than 60 countries abroad are met. In Turkey, you can find BİZE collections in 7 stores and various boutiques in more than 50 cities.