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For women, the most beautiful times of the year can be seasonal transitions. It’s time now to organize wardrobes and make room for new items. For most women, this turns out to be a fun and exciting situation. Many textile brands started one after the other to unveil their winter collections.

As in every collection, BİZE 2021-2022 Winter Collection is also very pretentious in terms of design. This winter, BİZE woman will continue to carry every product she buys with care, as if it was specially designed for her. As the designers of BİZE work with the principle of ‘More variety and less production’, it is almost impossible for you to be matchy matchy with another woman. Moreover, BİZE continues to design new products throughout the winter. You should be ready to see new, different and surprise designs every week in every store.

BİZE Woman will love knitwear!

So what surprises did BİZE offer to women this year? There was a novelty in BİZE this winter. For the first time this year, designs and combinations consisting entirely of knitwear were presented to women. Sweaters, cardigans, blouses, skirts, trousers, dresses and even knitwear shalwars took their places in the showcase with colorful and unique designs. Wool threads were used in all of this item. In addition, Necked, V-shaped finishing pieces made of knitwear do not go unnoticed in the collection. These pieces can be combined with a shirt or a dress.

More colors, More energy!
Among the most talked-about designs of the collection, there are black and white combinations, shirts, blouses, salwar suits, short and colorful felt coats, comfortable puffer vests, fluffy fabrics, taffeta and nets. A wide variety of colors, from gypsy pink to chick yellow, were used especially in coats to reveal your inner energy.

Zipper and snaps comfort

There is almost no design in the collection that does not have a back feature. There are surprise designs on each side of the products. It is designed in such a way that almost everyone can move freely while traveling in their car, going shopping or working in the office, and does not weigh on the person wearing it. In the details, a lot of leather, zippers (more zippers than buttons) and snaps were used. Each of them has a separate motif and a spirit that integrates with the design. In the lower group of the combinations, rubber was used instead of buttons, keeping the comfort of women in the forefront. So what else… Happy shopping….

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