The two most impressive tones in the color palette are black and white. The two most noble colors of all time. For this reason, it is also indispensable for many designers. Although black was the color of mourning, evil, depression, night and even death in ancient times, today it is described as the color of nobility, charisma, success, courage, leadership and simplicity. But wearing black from head to toe takes some courage. Moreover, there is no single answer that can be given to the question ‘How to combine a black dress?’ But on top of a Black pant, a white shirt would suit best.

Leather black pants, white long shirt

This is exactly where BİZE’s winter collection comes into view. Every color is generously used in the BİZE 2021-2022 Winter Collection. But this year, black and white combinations that will break the ground are very popular. Short or long white shirts combined with black leather trousers in the collection are designed in a way that will appeal every woman. At the same time, different fabrics and short vests in different sizes, extraordinary details made of tulle, leather and mesh are delicately embroidered on these combinations.

Of course, black and white, which adapts to any style, is not limited to shirts. Dresses, skirts, jackets, vests, coats, etc… You can achieve a more elegant look by placing a khaki green and a sweet gray in between them in details. But there are also colors that should not go together with black and white, of course. We should never bring these two colors together with brown, dark blue and purple at the same time so that a boring and suffocating look does not appear.

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