Everyone wants to wear nice and appropriate clothes. But for women, getting dressed is almost a ritual. Any woman who thinks she is wearing what suits her feels comfortable in her skin. Dressing well is in some ways a source of relief and motivation. However, women like to choose clothes that they can feel comfortable and free in depending on where they are during the day. They can be both simple and elegant depending on where they are. However, the most important thing is that you wear what suits you and that you also consider the body size factor. Because some clothes can make you look smaller or heavier than you are. In this month’s blog post, we have put together some tricks for women to make the right choice according to their body size.


The most important thing for short women is the choice of trousers. We can say that today’s fashionable trousers with high waist are designed for short people. Trousers in the form of narrow legs or flared trousers and carrots make you look taller. This is because a high waist makes your legs appear long and makes you look tall like a sapling. Also, stay away from shorts that end at your shoes.

Wearing a single color from head to toe creates the illusion of size and a larger silhouette. Many different colors create a chunky look. Also, they do not say “black makes you look weak” for nothing. However, since very dowdy and bulky clothes can make short women look even stouter, they should choose clothes that fit their bodies as well as possible. Similar to the theory that horizontal stripes make us look fatter, clothes with vertical stripes also have the effect of making us appear slimmer and taller. Of course, the collar is also important when choosing clothes. For small women, V-necks and scoop necks look better than high collars.

Do not neglect accessories when dressing for your size. The right accessories have a huge impact on your overall appearance. Small women should prefer smaller bags, because very large bags can make you look even smaller. A pair of high-heeled shoes will give you more height physically. If you are not used to stomping around in stilettos, you can also opt for a ‘safe’ option like wedge heels. And finally, our advice to short women: Stay away from big bags.


Posture is very important for everyone, but it is different for tall people. However, if you think you are too tall, you should avoid vertical details in your clothes. This type of clothing makes you look weaker and flabbier than you are. Clothing that is too loose and wide can also make you look tall. Tall women look great in large patterns and colorful pieces. In fact, tall women are the only type of women who can wear such patterns and colors. When choosing pants, you can prefer slim or wide pants. Lightweight baggy pants with low crotch are ideal for tall women as they have long legs. Most importantly, be bold in your choice of color. One color will make you look taller and stifled, so choose colorful clothes.

Stay away from small patterns. Instead, choose large plaid dresses and tops that make you look good. You will look more elegant if you choose midi rather than mini for skirt and dress lengths. Shirts are also suitable for tall women. However, use long tops instead of short tops. Long cardigans with pockets, long marble jackets, long cardigans, long tunics, long coats with hood, long patterned coats, long coats with cachet can be your salvation. No matter how short or tall you are, you will only look as beautiful as you feel.

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