In the last few years, the fashion industry has introduced the comfort that women seek into our daily lives by making ethnic designs. Undoubtedly, the biggest share in these designs belongs to baggy pants. The shalwar, which was used mostly by Anatolian women while working in the fields, has already entered the “Meeting Elegance” category of business women today. It is now possible to come across baggy pants in the wardrobe of almost every woman.

And finally, BİZE designers gave the shalwars the value they deserve. Special designs that will always make you feel different with many color and fabric alternatives have found a great place in BIZE’s Winter Collection. Whether on the street, in the office, or at a party in the evening… You will feel comfortable, stylish and free.

No more worries about finding a combination!

BİZE woman will also wear shalwars made of knitwear this winter. No need to worry about how to combine them with a top anymore. BİZE designers have thought of everything for you. Moreover, all combinations are quite far from uniformity. Each design includes leather, motifs and hand-embroidered details. Each reflects you.

It is also time to remove the tracksuits preferred by almost every woman who likes to dress comfortably and replace them with shalwar suits. Any woman who takes care of her outfit cannot be indifferent to BİZE salwar suits. We do not think that a woman who wears BİZE shalwar and gets used to their comfort will wear trousers again….

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